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if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. is your cholesterol at goal? ask your doctor about crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. go to andy levy for the pregame report. what is coming up on the show? >> our top story tonight, why does the department of education think it as good idea clothe one of the top three mass killers of the 20th century on the kid sec nun of their website. some say it is because they are stupid and other os say it is because they are dumben.
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a shocking story of something nun necessary for any one who lives in new york city. >> does one congressman think federal workers who haven't paid their taxes should be lined up and shot? stay tuned to find out. >> you are more like the fun free zone. >> i don't get it. >> it is a play on gun free. >> not the following? >> you know what? i'm not following you. go away. [ laughter ] >> let's welcome my goodness it's wonderful. wow. here with fox news anchor patti ann browne. the donna reid of 2013 and if commentary were math homework i would do him in the morning. bernie. my repulsive sidekick. >> bill: bill schulz. he brushes with a head hodge
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and garringles with mr. pibb. army special forces member kerry. should children learn a hook from the little redbook? on friday a day of the week barry the department of education website quoted the murderous former head of the chinese communist party. yep, the kid zone page of the national center on education statistics posted these words to live by in their quote of the day column. "our attitude towards ourselves should be satiable in learning and towards others to be tireless in teaching. ie. kill gun. the government rebound sight quickly removed it replacing it about this, sorry there is no
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quote of the day but if you look at it says sorry there is no quote the of the day. >> i bond fer they wrote that quickly. that is how i live my life. there is no quote of the day. a department it of ed spokesman acknowledged the error saying this feature which automatically generates one education related quote per day from a database of quotes last updated in 2007 has been temporarily suspended. i guess because since 2007 they didn't know that that was a murderer didn't know that. >> suspended pending a review of the database content. i believe we have tape of what happened next to the error prone database.
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that is what he did to his people, america. bernie, this could only happen in the obama administration. >> is absolutely right. speaking of money, you you know, it is not that incongruous because they are paying for the department of education among other things. >> we owe them everything. >> absolutely right. quote away. i mean he killed his own people. he didn't kill us, right? >> greg: but he did kill millions of people. why can't mou be a role model for kids? we have elmo. >> and i do like mr.pibb by the way. i actually disagree with the coat.
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i think he was wrong. he says -- no, we should be in satiable in our learning. he is saying accept mediocrity. no, we should be learning insatiably. that being said we owe the chinese so we have to say whatever they want. >> that was like a charlie rose thing you said right there. >> take a break. we will arm wrestle later. patti ann browne does really good. >> you outraged o are are quite handsome. >> greg: she is as pretty as bill is repulsive. >> that is almost like a compliment. >> you don't have to help him. >> greg: is this a sim is many error by a clueless intern working some kind of program or is it what i think it is, a sinister plot to transform the united states into a communist state? >> tough to say. he did convert china to a
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single party socialist state and now a u.s. agency under the obama administration puts this up and somebody who we are supposed to admire and look up to our students. >> scary. >> it as conspiracy. >> greg: a conspiracy is a theory. i believe it is fact. bill, originally when we talked about this in the meeting you thought mousy tongue was an oral disorder. >> i showed you mine. >> greg: by the way, he has a mousy tongue. >> at least you must admit being a communist that this is kind of not appropriate for children? >> i don't know. ask his best friend, richard nixon. [ laughter ] >> there we. >> greg: they are not best friends. >> he opened up america to the world that was china. a world where they kill kids. and the kids of the kids. >> greg: here is --
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>> -- >> there is your diplomacy. >> greg: shulz wrapped my panda into this. that was my panda that i had for many years and he died. >> that was under is suspicious circumstances. >> i didn't feed him because i wanted him stealth for the photo shoot for gq. academics like you look at anita dunn said the same thing. quoted him. academics appreciate the social process is of the left independent of the social consequence is. they can quote him or the una bomber or anybody because it is never actually the ideology that is ever at fault, right? >> they sympathize with the sentiment. exactly, whatever the killing, the whatever happens bad it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter to them at all. communism they sympathize with and like it. ideally what should be in place
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and things happen. >> the reason why they painted themselves is exactly why they said. if they only care about the intellectual veracity of it why don't they quote the pope which is some what conservative. >> greg: margaret thatchier. rip taylor. revolutionized the use of glitter when threw it on people. show the replacement. sorry there is no quote of the day. again, this goes out to kids. forget the fact that this is the government because we know the government is incompetent. but this is the government -- >> how dare you say that to a member of the military! so sorry, i support you. >> i nodded vigorously in agreement. i work for the government and they are incompetent. >> if that was the military you would be doing a thousand pushups on broken glass. >> you would be done.
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>> greg: this is a website that was for children. can we throw that up again. sorry there is no quote of the today. seriously. >> you know what they ended up replacing it with? a quote from a student named abraham lincoln. history's greatest modern monster. >> i think we will put this into a bigger theme pab. try to follow me on this because one of my guests are slow. what happened with the amazing race, okay. they didn't know any better. they went to vietnam and they had an event that involved a american b 52 bomber that was down. they had them singing communist anthems with the kids and it was cute and humor yos. the fact this they don't connect that with the history. >> right. on cbs i don't know if they commented yet. >> greg: they haven't. >> there was just outrage over
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how can you make this into a joke or a light segment. and, yeah, i agree. >> they he actually -- >> it is almost like they know not what they do. >> they know. >> they will be the first people to tell you at the are the smartest guys in the room. >> greg: i have been on top of the story like a pinup doll on a bearskin rug. if any of us did something this stupid we would be done. i have been done by the way if it was say something in germany, nazi germany yes people would be outraged but it is communism so people are oh. >> greg: the whole thing with communism and socialism is that it is always an imperfect sign. if we can get it done right. the right person hasn't done it yet. >> well, intentioned and the end justifies the means. and got to raise some eggs to
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make an omerolet. >> do you really think theyly is rattily did this? >> greg: no, but i have to have a story, bill! >> you can't buy it on communism time. >> greg: like capitalism we understand the flaws and know the imperfections and failures of capitalism we see every day but realize that there is nothing that can replace it. the problem always with socialism and communism is that you believe that there is no imperfections in the idea only in the human beings. >> in the execution of it. >> greg: but we know that capitalism people are unfortunately left out of it it sometimes. >> darwinism kicks in at some point. >> right. >> churchill, democracy is the worst possible is system of government the except for all of the others. >> is that churchill's chick than said that? >> that is the place i go for the news. >> i just feel like it is not
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to quote mr. george lucas a bit of a phantom menace. i don't know any communists, do you? i will give you a perfect example our governor andrew cuomo. a budget mess for the third time in a row in 30 years. >> calling him a communist? >> but i hear communism and socialism according to our friends that play the numbers pointing at the department of. >> greg: department of whatever this thing is. i know what you are saying. what i'm saying is killed perhaps 100,000 people over the century and we forget. what we are saying is we have foregotten that. >> it is just not a threat for us any more. >> but paganism didn't cause the ukrainian starvation. >> took a lot of people to appease the wheat gods. >> greg: that is a lie! >> the winter guy. >> greg: by the way, by the
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way, you will get some letter angans. >> i take all of that back especially suns i heard that the pagan girls are easy. >> greg: now, you are getting the pagan husbands angry. >> i hope they don't work out. >> they he do, though. >> greg: the gym is a temple. could be that that is their god. i want to apologize. don't make a voodoo doll out of me like you did last year because the sig sciatica is geg worse. >> a new cell phone app informs gun owners where their weapons aren't welcome. uses gps to show nearby businesses and whether they are firearm friendly or not. for are second amendment enthusiasts it lets them know which ones to boycott says the
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ampp designer. if my gun is not wok in your store my money isn't either. he admits anti-gun nuts could use this to h hit places that don't allow guns and could be a good way for criminals to pick targets. perhaps. but he believes gun free zones are bad. i think they are high frame areas so me and my family will stay safe. i'm not sure that i needd that quote. i kind of said that three times producer. you're fired. meanwhile, free zones remain high crime areas as well. >> true. it is like the last bastion of intolerance is among the felines. we have been able to conquer it all over the world but cats just don't listen and that is
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why andy i think is a terrible person. some gun owners didn't like it when a newspaper published a list of permit holders. we did that story about 65 times. >> yeah. >> greg: isn't this the same thing in reverse kind of? >> i don't know. they are pointing out that really it can be used by both sides and it is a really interesting experiment. if it takes off you will have essentially segregated gun free zones and guns allowed zones and then in years or so someone can compile statistics and see which zone had more gun related deaths. where only outlaws had guns or where they knew the armed bad resist.e going to meet amazeg: ima he having an epiphany. what if the whole united states was reorganized by zone? how people lived. a gun free zone was a certain area of the country and not gun
8:18 pm
free was something else and then there was like tall people zones because i don't like going to bars where there are tall people in front of me because i can't get a drink. >> and we would all be happy. >> greg: yes! >> and have mousand we could a. >> i'm not a fan of boycotts. >> the. >> greg: they are very small. i like beds. >> you love boy cots. >> it is not something that is designed to increase public safety. it is to encourage people to head off to the nearest watering hole that might be gun friendly. i don't know if i want to go to a gun friendly watering hole. >> that is the guy against it. that is his impression of what the gun supporters will do. >> greg: they are say criminals can look for businesses where people won't be armed. isn't that the whole pointe of
8:19 pm
stating where people had guns. if you are for a gun free stone then live with it. >> i think this is cool because i don't know about you guys but i have roa ruined my whole life movie going entertainment experience because i'm tired of people saying i don't like that but still pay money to go see a movie and read a book. if you really don't want it don't go. ergot i don't see movies any time. they sub and i don't like what they stand for. this information is good and now you can make a choice. say hey that store isn't cool with the the gun free stuff so i'm not going to patronize it. i think it is a good experiment. the good looking gal who is really reasonable has a point and get some data in a few are, whatever, maybe two days. and find out if, indeed, it makes a difference. >> a couple of things. i haven't said a thing yet. >> greg: bill, they are developing bill free zones all over the country. >> but i will go to one because i like bill shulz.
8:20 pm
>> greg: he is omero allowed in one bathroom in the subway in the village. >> the bill free zone will not be too well received over at o'reilly headquarters, boys. call me fellow bill. always available. >> i should have been specific. a bill shulz free zone? >> no, you said all bills. >> you win. >> i thought you were a great. >> greg: the whole point is gun free zones should make you feel unsafe and it is saying like okay if you are brad t proud tn a gun free zone. i don't want to be in a gun free zone. there is a link between those and what happens there. that is my theory and how to we must take a break. coming up what is the late nest celebrity gossip? terry discusses his new book i once killed a man with a bradley cooper bobblehead doll. a story president obama doesn't
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>> greg: should they revapp the camp? guantanamo bay could be getting an extreme makeover. the pentagon considering plans to spend a butt load those were their words on renovations are necessary is since congress decided to keep the facility is open indefinitely. $49 million to build a new prison for special detainees with food allergies, i believe. i don't have anything to back that up. other items preparing barrack facilities. a mess hall. why do they call it a mess hall? keep it bounce. and an inflatable bouncy castle. according to the u.s. commander
8:25 pm
of southern command detainees are growing more frustrated leading to hunger strikes. >> they had great optimism that guantanamo would be closed. they were devastated when the president backed off at least their perception of closing the facility. he said nothing about it in his inauguration speech and something about it in his state of the union speech. >> greg: i believe we have tape of one of the prisoners. >> so sorry. >> greg: oh, my goodness. >> i doubt -- that was definitely not one of the prisoners. bernie, a quarter million dollars renovations. towards finally close gitmo. this is part of a flipup. >> i never thought of that. a possibility. the answer we have to think out of the box is drone strikes. terrorists not on american soil. just drone strike them right
8:26 pm
there and if you can't do it because we own guantanamo let them quote unquote escape into cuba and we hit them there with the drones. rand paul can flip his wig over and only watch. >> greg: we are stuck with gitmo but the only way that president obama got away from gitmo is through drones, right? it was his solution? >> i'm not listening to you. this story is not real. president obama has closed gitmo he. >> greg: really? >> this just in he promised when ran and got reelected gitmo is not even open. this is a lying story. not even true. ha, ha, ha. not even open. he close closed it like three s ago because he said he was going to. >> greg: i had no idea. >> he does what he says. >> greg: that is true, p.a.b. you said in the green room i was shocked you said gitmo should be replaced with a bottomless pit of hellfire with spikes at the bottom. you know that is impossible to do. you can't have a bottomless pit
8:27 pm
and something at the bottom of that. >> that is a good point. i have to redraft my plan. >> greg: thoughts? >> what troubled me the most about this is at the hearing they were stalking about $150 million and then he flipped and said something about and then there is the whole renovation and people caught on to it and said well, what is that? and then they had to admit well, that is another $50 million that we weren't actually going public with because we thought it was private. really? you could just add $50 million and they weren't going to tell the public about it. i guess that is what bothers me the most. >> greg: meanwhile, no white house tours. thought i would throw that in there, guys. felt compelled to do that. bill you recently did home iminvolvements and painted the section of the bridge you sleep under. how much did that cost? >> i stole the paint to pretty cheap. i thought i was paying for it but i was taking a whiff in the
8:28 pm
aisle. i don't understand where they think they will go it will be better. if they leave guantanamo the next place an economy red roof inn which isn't great but better than gitmo. the fact that they are doing the starving themselves thing is not good because in 2005 they tried to do that and apparently they gave them feeding tubes without seductivenessatives and jammed it down their throats and stuck it up their nose and damaged them badly there. i think they would probably rather eat than starve themselves and be forcible fed like that. >> greg: maybe there is a way to turn it into a terror museum. >> gitmo is closed. why are we talking about this? gitmo is closed. president obama said he was going to do it. it's done. that money is going towards i don't know obama phones or something. >> greg: i miss my obama phone. comment on the show e-mails.
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>> greg: let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. let's have some fun, right? >> no. >> greg: i was kind of hoping. >> you did not hire me to have fun. you you hired me to kill fun and i do a damn good job of it. >> greg: you do. you treat fun like roaches. >> i do. department of education website features quote. you agreed with greg bernie that this could only happen in the obama administration. >> of course. >> if the website automatically generates quotes from a database of quotes last updated in 2007 you real illini what this means, right? >> greg: they are blaming bush! >> this is bush's fault. >> greg: they are blaming bush! >> he is right actual. >> i we corrected. >> you are right. >> greg: amazing. >> an infiltrator no doubt. >> greg: time traveler.
8:34 pm
it was a time traveler. >> a fellow traveler. >> greg: i got about you. >> that is not even what i meant. >> greg: okay. a little play on fellow traveler. >> greg: , oh, that's funny. >> thanks. >> greg: took awhile. fellow traveler being a sympathizer of whatever but you not participating actively in communism but a sympathizer. >> i don't know where i am. what am i talking about? >> i don't even get the quote. it should by insat iable and not satialbe. >> they copied it down wrong. >> terry, everybody gets one thing wrong. >> and he got the whole thing wrong. everything else that he came up with was -- >> i so to say i'm a little peeved at you because i was super excited to make the point so i'm not going to you again in this segment. >> i stole from you? >> you did. >> it was time traveler.
8:35 pm
>> yeah. >> greg, you said with the left it is never the ideology that is at fault and they can use quotes from people like mou. i found other good education quotes. education is a weapon whose effects depends on who holds it in his hand and at whose direction it is aimed. stalin. education must provide the opportunities for fillment and provide a rich and challenging way for an individual to ex-flour his own way. a nice quote. hitler are. >> greg: i knew if. james hitler your next door neighbor who is a teacher. should have changed his name. >> i have one. andy levy is awesome. unbelievable, dude. think about that. >> he used to say that all the time. >> with fans like that, i don't know. >> you said for the left the problem with socialism is that it is an imperfect science so they excuse things when they don't go right. for the left it is the people
8:36 pm
that are imperfect. >> greg: that is what i said! >> socialism itself is not an imperfect science. >> greg: i said capitalism is an imperfect science. socialism is always the fault of the practitioner. we agreed but i stated it poorly. >> i agree with you, yes. >> watching the ncaa. >> georgetown is getting killed, man. >> saturday night. >> no, i'm not. >> got him on that. >> gun free zone app. pab you you said they are pointing out that the app can be used by both sides. an interesting idea and in some years someone could compile stats and see which zones had gun related deaths. we do that now. look at chicago and wag, washington. >> that is a good point. a good point. we have seen chicago is a perfect example actually. >> absolutely. greg, you asked what if the united states was organized by zones. you mean like states? we could have like 50 of them and then the people who live in
8:37 pm
the 50 zones could pass their own laws? >> greg: i was thinking about zones within states. >> like cities and towns? >> greg: yes, yes! >> we stay with reality here, guys? >> genougenius ideas. >> i was thinking along the lines of places like dave busters. >> fun zones. >> greg: i wasn't being specific. >> gitmo to be renovated. terry you said the story isn't true because president obama closed gitmo. >> absolutely. >> triple checked. he did not. >> i'm telling you right now look it up. >> i looked it up. he has not closed gitmo. >> not true. >> all right. the internet wrong i guess. >> i know i am right cash i am right. closed. >> okay. greg you said the pentagon is considering plans to spend a buttload their words on renovation. not their words. >> greg: really? >> you were given false
8:38 pm
information there. >> greg: i was watching the whole thing on that flip this house and after i wore they said that when they were walking through gitmo. >> they didn't. also you asked why dining facilities are called mess halls mess from the hold french word mes which meant a portion of food or course at dinner are. >> greg: i thought it had to do with the attacked that it might be mess. >> thank you. i didn't know that. i never could figure that out. still a buzz killing to know. just so you know. >> yostill a buzz killington giving us all this information and facts. >> none of what i'm saying is true. important to know that. >> just agree with us, glance okay. >> cool. >> you guys talked about the detainees being on -- can we stop calling them detainees. >> greg: what do you want to call them? >> prisoners. i know they are using the word correct but if you say i was unvoidabley detained you were 15 minutes late.
8:39 pm
not some where for 18 years. >> prisoners is a good word. >> greg: a good point. >> you can't really call them prisoners because they haven't been charged with anything. >> technicality. >> that is the problem, yeah. >> greg: how about prisons. >> you sound like a terrorist sympathizer. >> none have been prove ton be terrorists, bernie. >> you just showed yourself right now. >> by definition they are not. many have been released because they didn't do anything. >> we stand pat with this. >> do we? >> we will fight after the show he. >> you will get a stern talking to from people. >> a party? >> one of the things where conservatives talk about the constitution a lot until they don't like it? >> oh. >> he is an american. >> and you hate america as well? >> yes, do i. i love the constitution but hate america. >> greg: you hate america ferrara from ugly betty. >> people have been saying that for three years now. i am indiffe her at
8:40 pm
best. >> greg: well, you spent a whole year hating america. >> i resent that. >> that is why they canceled ugly pet betty. his letter writing campaign. >> i'm done. >> greg: you are done and thank you for hating both americas. >> this is ridiculous. >> greg: it is ridiculous. what am i going to do? coming up the panelists full of guests which of patti ann browne's tatoos were done professionally and which she made herself during her most recent prison term. can you get jail time for trying to fake your own death? asking for a friend named craig. craig crutfeld. eat good fats.
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>> greg: well, he will no longer shill with his grill. an alaska man is there any other kind who auctioned off space on his face for thousands of dollar now says he eregrets the tatoos.
8:44 pm
billy gibby brames bipolar disorder for his decision to get more than 20 face tats, short for tatoos, about pab. now, he is covering the skin on his back to raise the four grand he needs to get the crap on his face removed. what is a good idea discussing this in the lightning round. lightning round. >> greg: there are lot of bipolar people whose faces aren't covered with porn site tatoos. >> don't use that excuse. you have tatoos all over. maybe i am bipolar. i don't know. what i'm kind of bummed about the poor guy is that the prices went down. at one point he was getting like a grand or ten grand for a tatoo and then went down to like a hundred bucks. come on, dude. shouldn't have sold out. >> greg: i wonder what he was investing in. in putting it in microsoft or meth? >> it was not drugs.
8:45 pm
>> definitely not drugs. looks like a whole s & p individual. pab you had all of your biker tatoos removed before you got to fnc. is it painful? >> really painful. the guys that have the tatoos or the company that believes it is good advertising. where should we go to dinner. i don't know the mentally deranged guy has a thing on his face that says joe's restaurant is good. >> gee whiz, don't know if i should masturbate or not tonight. oh, porn site on his head. le run home and masturbate furiously and probably in tears. should the websites demand he keep the tatoos. he is renigging on a contract. >> he doesn't look like an honorable fellow. let me just say that the sad part is if you saw the guy walking down the street you wouldn't think twice. every tom dick and moron these
8:46 pm
day has a freaken tatoo. should be the province of legitimate tough guys. now, you have every dope. >> it is true. >> even guys in high school walking around. >> the starbucks baista has a tear down her eye because she once dropped a cafe mocha. oh, another one bit the dust. tatoo here. >> what are you talking about. >> the prison they get the little thing when they kill somebody so starbucks barista dropping coffee would get the same thing. >> how would they sound. >> greg: you tried to trick me! bill, you had your entire face tatood on your face. is that because you were too lazy for hygiene purposes? >> yes. personal but, yes. and i have no one to blame but myself. this guy chose to put all of inch and his face and now
8:47 pm
blaming bisexual polar bears. bipolars have never done anything to you. they live in the the north pole. they don't even know what you are doing. they are too busy doing each other! >> greg: that is so not true. >> that is true. the glassiers are thinning out and they have far less places to have is bisexual sex. >> greg: i don't believe you. >> they have enough problems they don't need your face. >> a new york man faked his own drowning to collect a life insurance policy now pleaded guilty to conspiracy. raymond robb will spend 90 days in jail and have to pay 40 grand not police and coast guards for search efforts. the scam fell apart after he got the a speeding ticket in south carolina. this is why you don't speed. you know a lot of stuff. >> yeah, that is true you. >> greg: if one were to fake
8:48 pm
one's death is there a better way to do it? >> drowning is not a bad way because the body is not recovered but you have to cover all bases. a whole documentation thing. we were talking about this. who wouldn't want to do this at least for a little while? like totally disappear and go like -- >> greg: i think like if you will go to jail even the judge is going believe me when i got my mortgage i was thinking the same thing. you know guys going. not me, though, because i'm so happy in the things that i do. i'm so blessed. p.a.b., this guy claims he is bipolar. >> the lawyer agrees that he just wanted to make the escape that everybody envisions for themselves. is, first of all, if i were his wife i would keep my eyes open. secondly that is not the point. if he wants to walk away from his life, he can just leave. tell the wife bye bye. he wanted the money because he
8:49 pm
wanted to steal $400,000 from the insurance company. that is the crime. >> greg: all he wanted bernie was a new begin. >> just divorce his wife. >> greg: that doesn't happen these days. >> that is expense investigators. >> greg: that is expensive. >> all about the money. >> he wanted both. that is what some said because he spawned this stupid kid and got his kid involved in it and the kid tripped him up on the phone with him on the highway when got pulled over for speeding and that is what screwed him up. >> and there was an e-mail trail. he was stupid about it. >> bipolar log on. there are bisexual pola polar s there as well? >> what is going on? climate change? >> all of a sudden you fake a suicide in south carolina. >> stop it! >> do not -- >> stop it.
8:50 pm
>> greg: there are people that actually do have serious bipolar illnesses and everyone is using that in court as an excuse for the crimes and this is wrong because there are people that have the serious illnesses. bill, we have been hoping that you fake your real death but you haven't so far. >> i don't even know what that would entail. fake my real death. so you want me to stay gainfully alive. >> greg: no, it would be great to fake your death and then come back as a zombie. >> i smell bad enough as it is. i don't need that. >> get back on o the top eck. >> greg: what of polar bears? >> stay away. >> the big thing he did. all the resources to find him. >> greg: a good point. good point. got to do what olivia newton john. her exhaust just died and next thing he was in mexico. don't look for me. i got out i'm gone. god knows what he was doing in mexico. >> just say goodbye.
8:51 pm
>> you are a cool lady. time to take a break. >> see you again. >> when we come back. >> greg: you are cool lady. book stores. amazon .com. check it out for an autographed copy. you cool lady. you are a cool lady! [ male announcer ] we build things that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over
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>> greg: here is a new segment. tweet of the night for our younger demo graphic. >> greg: we blue half our budget on that. steve stockman. this is what he tweeted on thursday. the best thing about earth is if you poke holes in it oil and gas come out. got to admit, that is f-in poetry. he is right. >> that is the best thing about earth. stick a hole in it and oil and gas come out. >> greg: it is. >> that's awesome. >> greg: you can't argue with that. if it is not oil what else is there? nothing as good as that. >> talk abouter picked up on this and made -- gawker picked up on him and made fun of him. obviously it was a little tongue in cheek. gawker posted the best thing
8:56 pm
that could possibly happen hacker convict bids farewell to freedom. do you think they think that is the best [ bleep ] think that could possibly happen. >> greg: yes! >> i realize you are letting your hair down because it is saturday but there is a little thing called standards and practices and doesn't magically go away because you work the weekend. i'm offended. >> greg: her point is clear are that the hipsters will say so and so is thest thing ever when actually oil is cheaper than water. bottled water. if you wanted to power your car with bottled water it would cost more because a quarter of evian costs more than a quarter of gasoline. >> i don't think that is what i was saying. >> greg: you are saying the hipsters say the new remix album of radiohead is the best thing ever. no! it is oil, bernie!
8:57 pm
>> yes. absolutely right. >> i'm just saying no one is completely serious in a tweet. gawker is making fun of them. >> greg: i got it you filthy mouth person. >> i had a question. >> greg: great observation. >> if you poke a hole in bill oil and gas come out. >> greg: you don't even have to poke a hole. >> no. >> i will tweet that later. >> greg: poke a hole in bill and oil and gas come in. >> bring the oil and then the gas comes. >> greg: bill, last thing. >> big thing is to poke a hole in bill. we are talking about poking a hole in bill. >> greg: america wants to poke a hole in bill. >> i have got a. >> wouldn't be the first time. >> greg: we will close things out with the post game wrapup from tv's andy levy. eople think that after an accident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible.
8:58 pm
the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up. then another hundred off every year you don't have an accident. let the good hands reward your safe driving with a deductible that goes away. ♪ deductible rewards. one more way you're in good hands with allstate. ♪
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